A Non-profit professional organisation of medical Doctors and Dentists of Indian Origin working in Germany.


Since April 2012, when Germany opened its door for Non-EU Doctors, there has been a constant rise in number of indian doctors getting the german medical license and settling here, however till 2020, hundreds of doctors working in hospitals across Germany had no common platform, and thereby struggled alone in the foreign healthcare system. Hence evolved the idea of building a professional community to grow and progress together and earn the respect of the local medical community and the general society as our counterparts have very successfully achieved in the many countries of the English speaking world.   

Our Mission

DGÄZI is a forum to facilitate and enable Indian German Doctors and Dentists to excel in patient care, teaching and research and to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs.

Our Vision


A Professional Organisation

A Body to represent and support interests of the indian medical and dental community in Germany.


Education and Training

Active involvement in the pursuit of professional excellence through various educational and training events. 


Research and Experience

Opportunities to share scientific work and medical experience among other doctors through dedicated scientific Blog / Journal. 


Medical Outreach Programs

Organize medical outreach programs for deprived regions in India. 


Career Opportunities

Access to various Career opportunities via huge network of members across Germany. 


International Network

Network with various national and international healthcare organisations with similar aims and objectives.