A Databank of all doctors and dentists of indian origin living and working in Germany. This is will help build up a network of professionals which will be mutually beneficial to all Members.
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Job Vacancies

Regular insider inputs from members regarding published Job Vacancies and more importantly unpublished openings in their Hospitals/ Clinics. This Members have a head-start in Application for such open / about to Open Vacancies.
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Academic and Non-Academic Articles relating to / useful for medical / dental Professionals shall be published regularly. We call upon Members with interest in Medical Writing to share their writing sample.
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General Body Meeting- Online

In 2021- GBM will be conducted once every 4 months to discuss the strategies to accomplish the Goals of DGÄZI and strengthen the indian medical community in Germany.
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Education and Research

Educational Groups based on common interests and ambitions play a very significant role in maintaining collective motivation and staying updated with the academic and research activities.
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Executive Committee

Life-time members will have a chance to hold position in Executive Committee and different Groups of their interest and thereby become an Instrument of positive change in the medical fraternity in Germany.