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Are you already a Member ? If Yes, then you can further the cause and introduce us to your colleagues and friends and this way help us strengthen the Organisation. As a gesture of gratitude, we will send you an Amazon Voucher worth 10 Euro after Membership of your refferal has been approved.

Check out the required documents and criterias for various Membership Types.

Choose your Membership Type and make the payment of the given Amount through PayPal and take a Screenshot of it.

Fill and Submit the Membership Form along with the required Documents ( JPG/ PDF Format).

You will receive a Confirmation Email along with reciept of payment once the Review of Documents have been completed (1-2 Weeks).

Do submit your Member Fee Receipt along with your Income Tax Return ( Ste to get a Tax-Exemption on it from the local Income Tax Office.

How to become a Member of DGÄZI

Check Required Documents below

Choose Membership

Fee to be directed towards

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Bonafide Member

60 / Year
  • Must possess German Approbation as a Doctor / Dentist
  • Person of Indian Origin

Provisional Member

60 / Year
  • Must possess german Berufserlaubnis as a Doctor / Dentist
  • Person of Indian Origin


50 / Year
  • International Medical /Dental Graduate
  • Person of Indian Origin
  • Living in Germany for more than 4 months

Friend of DGÄZI

50 / Year
  • International Medical / Dental Graduates
  • Interested in Activities of DGÄZI
  • Living in Germany

Lifetime Member

300 One-time Fee
  • Must possess German Approbation/ Berufserlaubnis as a Doctor / Dentist
  • Person of Indian Origin

Why Join DGÄZI


Become a part of the international professional network. Exchange your ideas and experiences with other fellow Indian Doctors. 

Learn and Teach

Through various CMEs, you can learn from the experienced colleagues and also teach the fresher generation of Doctors / Dentists. 

Scientific Work

We encourage scientific work, medical research and Paper Publication.

Common Interest

We believe in Unity is Strength. We strive for excellence in Patientcare, Also support the aspiration in professional and community affairs.

Indian Community

Contribute to the wellness and health of Indian Community living in Germany, through Patient Education Programs.

Instrument of Change

Through our Outreach Program in India, you have the potential to become an Instrument of Change and have the opportunity to exchange your medical knowledge and skills learned in Germany with your counterparts in India. 


German Association of Doctors and Dentists of indian